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POSIX file acces problem


I am using Cygwin under W2K (inserted into an NT domain) and I face the
following problem:

I use the dd command to transfer a disk image to a Compact Flash card
inserted into a PCMCIA adapter.
I use the procedure described by Corinna Vinschen in her answer to "dd
under Cygwin" (Aug 23, 2000).
It works fine but only with an account having the administrator rigths

Otherwise, I get an "permission denied" message when I try to execute
directly the dd command
(the CF card is already mounted via an account having administrator
rigths) or when I execute the mount
command (if the CF is not already mapped as a physicaldriveX).
I mount the CF card on /dev/cf and the access rigths are brw-rw-rw-
(result of ls -l /dev/cf) and it seems that
I get a permission denied at this level.

I would like to give access to this file system to all users even those
without privileged acount.
How to proceed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Etienne Soudan

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