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Re: Please help


I took a quick look at the Cygwin support page (<>) on the Web site you mentioned (I trust you did the same, right?).

Ghemical is a X-based application, which means that before you'll be able to either compiler or run this software you'll need to install the XFree86/Cygwin packages (available via the same installer you presumably used to get your existing Cygw.

Furthermore, according the aforementioned Cygwin support page for Ghemical:

"At the moment (in March 2002) there are no ready GNOME binary packages for Cygwin, so in addition to Ghemical, you also have to compile a (minimal) GNOME environment. ..."

To be honest, I don't know what is the status of Gnome for XFree86/Cygwin, or whether that statement is still valid, but I suspect that it and the instructions also included on that page are probably close to the correct.

Assuming you just perform an ordinary install of all of Cygwin, including XFree86/Cygwin, using the Cygwin Setup.exe installer, you'll probably have a correct Cygwin installation, as far as it goes. That won't get you Gnome, so for that part you'll have to follow the instructions on the Ghemical Cygwin instructions page and / or ask for more specific help on the Cygwin-XFree mailing list.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz

At 18:50 2002-12-22, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Ramon Boyd wrote:

> Good afternoon
> I have found a really useful software package for chemistry modeling but
> I need to install and run Cygwin to use it.  I don't understand how to
> run Cygwin.  Presently, I am running Windows XP on my system.  I
> understand the premise behind Cygwin as stated on the website.
> However, I find the list of compilation instructions confusing.  I
> appreciate the level of detail the website and detail with which the
> Cygwin program must run.  I am interested in focusing my time on running
> Ghemical.  I am less interested in knowing everything about Linux based
> systems.  That I leave to the experts.  Could you please tell me how to
> install Cygwin properly?  I understand that I need Gnome.  Could you
> also provide a hint at how I am to compile Ghemical?  I would greatly
> appreciate any assistance you could provide.
> Thanks
> Ramon

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