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Re: Running cygwin built programs in Windows XP

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002 13:27:18 -0600 John Seeliger <> wrote:

> "Igor Pechtchanski" <> wrote in message
>> On Sat, 21 Dec 2002, John Seeliger wrote:
>>> How do I run a program that I built with gcc under Cygwin in Windows? When
>>> I try to run them, it says it can't find cygwin1.dll.
>> Make sure c:\cygwin\bin is in your PATH.  Another alternative is to use
>> the mingw runtime by giving gcc the -mno-cygwin option, but be aware that
>> there is less posix support there (IIRC).

> Thanks.  I gave the -mno-cygwin a try and it worked.  I added
> c:\cygwin\bin
> to my autoexec.bat.

Autoexec.bat is not read at startup in WinXP.

> It still will not recognize it and programs developed in cygwin without
> the -mno-cygwin option and opened directly from windows give the error
> message about cygwin1.dll .  Where does it need to go?

You need to add it to PATH in 'My Computer' -> ??? -> Environment.
Look up Environment in WinXP's help.

Mac :})
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