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Re: What's wrong? gcc brain-damaged on cygwin?

When I built my own, I built it with C,C++ and f77 enabled.  The configure
(I had a number of options added, it was not just ./configure) and the make
part of the process took an hour on P4 type machines, 10 hours on this old
P2. (make install was quick).

But back to the fundamental point.  The gcc compiler suite (C,C++,f77) from
devel category works really well.  If for some reason you want to do
like try to build and play with gcc-3.3, then put it in a parallel directory
structure - use prefix in your configure, it makes a LOT more sense.


p.s. Don't try this at home, because there are details of how I set up my
directory that play into this, but this is an example of what my configure
command looked like:

srcdir/configure --prefix=/mygcc --enable-threads=win32 --with-system-zlib
--enable-languages=c,c++,f77 --enable-sjlj-exceptions

I also seem to recall using a -k option to skip over some gcj issues.  It
but it took some time to figure out...

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