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Re: What's wrong? gcc brain-damaged on cygwin?

"Could it be that when compiling and installing gcc with 
--enable-languages=c++ only gcc doesn't install some 
essential libs?"

Why in the world are you creating your own gcc?  I used to do it
just because I wanted to use the gcc-3.1 code, but it is darn
tricky and completely unneccessary now, as gcc comes pre-built
in the devel directory.  If there is something unique you want
to do with a version of gcc, make a parallel build, don't build
over Cygwin's gcc.

When I was creating my own stuff, I was creating it as an additional
compiler to the Cygwin compiler.  I created it in a directory I called
mygcc.  And I believe, if memory served, when I compiled I had to
do something like the following (I had aliased my new compiler to

newg++ hello.cpp -L\mygcc\lib

to make sure that the libstdc++ stuff got found.

But again, I would not do a build of gcc now, certainly not one that
replaces the Cygwin binaries.

Wayne Keen

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