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Re: [PATCH] exclude runtime-pseudo-reloc symbols from auto-export

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 02:10:18PM +0100, Ralf Habacker wrote:
>>>Maybe the horse has left the barn already but it would have been nice
>>>(tm) if these type of symbols were marked in some generic way so that
>>>we wouldn't have to keep remembering to extend this table.
>>I recall commenting on this aspect in a recent binutils thread in the
>>cygwin lists, and being told that it didn't matter.
>What about putting such symbols in another named text section, so that
>ld would ignore them ?

I don't see how you could do that since the symbol is associated with an
existing place in memory.  We could put the whole function in a
different segment but that's not the kind of solution I was thinking of.

I was thinking that there might be an unused attribute that could be
pressed into service as a "don't auto export" (doesn't linux/elf have
something like this?) or that there was a way to name the symbol in some
way that wasn't easily available from a C program, like putting a "." in
the name with an asm alias.


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