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Re: Reinstall - oops..

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 09:57:16AM -0500, Terry wrote:
>Well, Im not sure whats going on.  Installing the libiconv2 package worked
>for that error, but why is it looking for it??  I never installed that one
>in the first place.

You never installed what in the first place?  If you go to the package
page that I mentioned, you can find what package contains id.exe.
id.exe is part of a package which is part of the base installation.  It
uses the missing dll.  The dependencies for this package hadn't been
updated to include libiconv2.  If they had been updated, the package
containing the missing dll should have been installed by setup.exe

This is my package so I made the mistake of not updating the dependency

>Note though that the new home directory was not created.

So create it.

>I noticed that /usr/bin was not recreated in the new install.

I don't know what this means.  A c:\cygwin\usr\bin is never created
in an installation.  /usr/bin is mounted so that it is equivalent to
/bin.  The mount command will show you this.

>and trying to start tcsh i get an error on cygcurses6.dll now, which i
>could not find on that package page.

That's because you're typing it wrong.  Take a closer look at the error

>So what gives here, why wasnt the complete delete and reinstall not
>installing the core components???

Because we're all sadistic meanies who like to watch poor hapless users
twist and thrash in the wind.  We think it's hilarious to watch people
have problems.

Either that or 1) you haven't completely cleaned out your system from
the previous installation, 2) as I indicated there was a problem with
package dependencies, which I've fixed, or 3) there's a potential bug in

>Anyway, I am going to try and remove everything again, download
>everything fresh and try a reinstall again.  Comments or any insight
>would be nice.

Wow, you really are a masochist.


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