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RE: Mysterious FTP failure

After a bit of investigation - I've narrowed down some of the parameters of
the problem.
First of all the problem appears to exist only on NT4.0 - not W2K. Second,
it only exists if one first
telnets to the NT4.0 box and THEN invokes ftp and sends a file. If I use
ftp from a LOCAL
bash shell, the file transfers just fine. (The problem also exists it one
telnets to the box FROM
the box - i.e. - a remote connection is NOT necessary).

Furthermore, my memory indeed failed me. I did upgrade to the latest
version of cygwin,
cygwin dll's, and inetutils since the time I last had this working - about
a month or so ago.
Prior to that I had not upgraded for about four or five months (or more).
INETUTILS. What threw me off, was the fact that I had not attempted to ftp
CONNECTION since the upgrade. All the ftp's I did, I did from a local bash
shell - which works
just fine.

Of course none of this "proves" that the problem lies with new cygwin code.
If anyone running
NT 4.0 SP 6 could try to recreate the problem as described above - that
would be a big help.

Brian Kelly

> RE: Mysterious FTP failure
> From: "lhall at pop dot ma dot ultranet dot com" <lhall at pop dot ma dot ultranet dot com>
> To: reedfish at ix dot netcom dot com, cygwin at cygwin dot com
> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 10:34:48 -0500
> Subject: RE: Mysterious FTP failure
> Reply-to: lhall at rfk dot com

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> I'm guessing that you're stuck debugging this one.  I don't think
> someone else is going to be able to guess what changed on your
> system to cause this problem to surface for you (though maybe I'm
> wrong).  I expect the most direct route to discover more details
> about the problem and an eventual solution would be to run a
> debug version of ftp in gdb and see what happens.   This should at
> least narrow down the possibilities to a reasonable size and give
> the list some details to cogitate, assuming the results don't
> automatically point you to a solution yourself.

> Good luck,

> Larry

> Original Message:
> -----------------
> From: Brian Kelly
> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:15:53 -0500
> To:
> Subject: Mysterious FTP failure

> I've been using cygwin's ftp.exe client program on my NT 4.0 SP 6
> machine for quite a while. It's
> worked flawlessly for months. I have not made any changes to the box and
> have not upgraded any
> cygwin components in months. Sometime in the last 48 hours "something"
> changed. Now when
> I attempt to ftp a tar file, it sends about 98-99% of it or so, and then
> mysteriously quits "thinking"
> it had sent the whole thing. (It does not report any transmission
> errors). It's not tar, because if I
> ftp TO the box via inetd/ftpd and retrieve the file the whole thing
> transfers just fine. I've rebooted the
> box numerous times, as well cold shutdown (to reset the network card)
> same problem. I haven't
> tried uninstalling or reinstalling any cygwin components, because I'd
> really like to understand what's
> CAUSING the problem. I'm writing automation software that has advanced
> error checking and I'd
> like to trap and identify this condition (if possible) and advise in
> an error message what the possible
> genesis of the condition is and what hints one can follow to remedy
> and/or prevent the problem. The
> automation software essentially automates cross-network unix
> command-line environments and is
> 100% perl. As such, it relies on cygwin for this environment on MSWin
> boxes. If one node fails it
> can switch boxes automatically but being able to determine WHY a box
> has a problem and reporting
> it successfully is VERY important to the overall approach of the
> software.

> If anyone's got a clue what's happened to break ftp or can suggest
> what other things I can investigate
> to get the bottom of this problem I'd REALLY appreciate it.

> Brian Kelly

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