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Re: Reinstall - oops..

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 01:31:38AM -0500, Terry wrote:
>ok, i was installing Cygwin on my comp at home and was installing ipc when i
>went to remove a tmp install dir and typed
>> rm -rf /usr/
>DOH!  damn fingers work faster then my brain....
>anyway, i went and did a complete reinstall and when I opened up a new bash
>window i get an error, the shell is looking for a file called cygiconv.dll
>in the path...

I assume it's cygiconv-2.dll.  bash doesn't rely on this file, though.  It
must be in some executable that bash is executing when it starts up.  If
you can determine which file that is, then we can fix the dependency so
that it is pulled in automatically.

bash -x -l

would show the program.

The way to find what package a file resides in is by going to and searching for the file.

In this case, if you install the libiconv2 package you should be all set.
I'd appreciate it if you could tell us what program is not properly pulling
in this package automatically, though.  The above command will show that.

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