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Re: Grep says file exists and then doesn't grep it


I cannot reproduce your problem, but perhaps it's an interaction with FAT file systems and Windows '98? I have Windows 2K Pro and only one FAT volume, but the command you gave works fine for me on both my NTFS and my FAT volumes. There's also the possibility of this being an issue with your CYGWIN environment variable including "ntea". Do you have sharing enabled on the volume or folder in question? Is the target on an SMB share? If so, is it a Windows server? Samba? Something else?

The fact that re-compiling gives you a working version makes me ask if you're trying the same invocation (using the new binary) in the same directory as the failing attempt?

Have you done a "CHKDSK /F" (or whatever the Windows '98 equivalent is) lately?

Grasping at straws, I know...

Randall Schulz

At 13:52 2002-12-19, Mark Blackburn wrote: wrote:

Works fine here but I'm on W2K. Does 'grep -r -e hello .' or 'grep -r hello .' work?

No and No. Same result as before.

Maybe compiling on Win98 makes some sort of difference? I assume it was originally compiled on W2K.

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