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rxvt customization questions


I've got some questions concerning the latest Cygwin version of rxvt.

First, I played around with the .Xdefaults file a bit.
Unfortunately, I can't find out each necessary entry that will give the
scrollbar a personalized new look, some of the settings do not work for me as
expected, for instance Rxvt*troughColor (no effect at all). And there always
remains ugly blue borders.

Another point is a colorized prompt. I'm actually using one based on "solid"
colors like bright white, green and yellow.
I'd like to play around with colors like YellowGreen, Ivory or RedOrange -
is there any possibility of getting these values working somehow, maybe with
special add-ons?

I'd also like to show the current working directory in the title bar of a
rxvt console but haven't got a clue, so how can I achieve that?
I guess I have to play around with the 'dirs' command... could anyone
contribute a working example script here?

Best wishes,


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