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gcc-2 problems

Today I updated my cygwin install for the first time in about three
months. Apparently I unwittingly installed gcc 3.2. Our code base is
staunchly gcc 2.95 for now. I discovered the gcc2 package and installed
it, but of course it's not the default and I can't change our code base
to look at gcc-2. I have to change my local install to work the way it
used to.

Is there a way to get back to where I was? I've tried uninstalling gcc-3
and then renaming /usr/bin/*-2.exe to not have the "-2" but I think I'm
missing something. The build breaks in a confusing place and I'm
convinced its because of my compiler woes.

Could I use an old version of the installer to install gcc-2.95 as "gcc"
instead of "gcc-2"? If so, where would I get the old installer and how
would I make it do the right thing?

I've searched the mailing lists as best I can back throuh Oct. 15th, but
I haven't found an answer. 

Any help you could give would be, well, helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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