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Bugs Report: Problems about make utility under cygwin

Hi all!

I tried to trace the make's source code, and found something strange.

I added -g into Makefile of make source,
and in my first attemp I used gdb under cygwin bash shell to run make.

I traced into the job.c, line 2276,

execvp (argv[0], argv);

After running this statement, the program DIRECTLY terminated with code
instead of going to the next statement switch(errno)!

It seems kind of strange, so I inserted some debug message before and after
this statement,
remade it, and ran it under dos prompt.
It also showed that when it executed this statement, the error message
window jumped out,
telling me that make.exe caused page fault.

I have some questions about this:

 1. What shell does this execvp() call? I've read the man pages of exec
series functions, which says:
"In  a  standard-conforming  application  (see  standards(5)),  the  exec
family  of functions use /usr/bin/ksh (see  ksh(1)); otherwise, they use
/usr/bin/sh (see  sh(1))."
Is that why it caused page fault when running under dos prompt?

 2. I found that this statement is under the definition !WINDOWS32. However,
I cannot find any instructions about how to build make.exe under WINDOWS32

Here I paste my Makefile again. Hope it helps.
CC = \Docs\SNDDocs\hstone\BIN\hyc.exe

CFLAGS = -I..\include -g -c

LINKER = \Docs\SNDDocs\hstone\BIN\hylink.exe

HEXER = \Docs\SNDDocs\hstone\BIN\hyeprom.exe

OBJECTS = main.o i2c.o

all: edsr1600.hye #edsr1600.hex

edsr1600.hex: edsr1600.hye
 $(HEXER) @edsr1600.fmt

edsr1600.hye: $(OBJECTS)
 $(LINKER) -MAP @edsr1600.lnk

main.o: main.c
 $(CC) $(CFLAGS) main.c

i2c.o: i2c.c
 $(CC) $(CFLAGS) i2c.c

 rm -f *.O *.HYE *.HEX *.MAP

Best Regards,
God is real unless declared integer.

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