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RE: cygwin License related Query....

> >Well, perhaps, but I think those two paragraphs are the clearest and
> >most concise "layman's terms" explanation of Cygwin licensing I've read
> >to date.  All it needs is a "No, a link to the Cygwin site won't cut it"
> >paragraph and I'd say it would make a good FAQ.
> My response was tailored to the requirements that were presented.  It is
> not that simple.

No, I know.  My point was that this question seems to come up rather frequently,
and the answer is more or less always "Here's the licensing terms<link>, and
here's what it basically means: <several paragraph explanation>".  Replacing
<several paragraph explanation> with <link> seems like a win for everyone.

>  I wouldn't want someone making the decision to release
> a cygwin product based on a FAQ entry.

Well, I see that there already is a FAQ entry on this:
But I'd say your explanation is as I said more concise and clear.  But whatever.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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