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broken TCL? (just updated gdb)? (Bk citool won't find init.tcl)


I've just updated cygwin (gdb) and TCL seems to be broken??

At least, when I try to do a bk citool, I get this message:

Can´t find a usable init.tcl in the following directories:
H:/cygwin/share/tcl8.3 H:/cygwin/share/tcl8.3 H:/cygwin/share/tcl8.3
H:/cygwin/share/tcl8.3/library H:/library H:/../library

This probably means Tcl wasn't installed properly.

The oddest thing is, there is _no_ H:/cygwin/share directotory, but
there is a init.tcl to be found in serveral places:

javier> locate init.tcl
/cygdrive/h/Archivos de programa/Tcl/lib/tcl8.3/init.tcl

So.... Strange, isn't it?? Specially when I thought that installing gdb
did bring tcl/tk 8.3 onboard Cygwin, but it seems not to be the case...

    Just my 0,00022


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