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Telnet: "hostname: gethostname: operation not permitted"

Hi everybody,

I downloaded the most recent cygwin-packages yesterday, have a
Linux-machine (Debian, Woody, Kernel 2.4.18) and an XP-Prof SP1 one.
telnet and ftp give me "hostname: gethostname: operation not
permitted" *after* the successful login. Besides this error-message,
ftp and telnet seem to work fine. However, there is a delay in
response, after "telnet wintendo" it takes a few seconds to display the
cygwin login-prompt.

I'm experiencing problems with issuing "rsh wintendo date" as
root@debian, this gives me "date: write error: operation not

The eventlog of the XP-machine says (marked as information), this
looks fine to me:

rshd : Win32 Process Id = 0x694 : Cygwin Process Id = 0x694 : 
root@debian as root: cmd='date'.

Entering "rsh -l rscsi wintendo date" (User rscsi has
/usr/local/bin/rscsi as login-shell) gives me rscsi's

rscsid: user id 1004, name rscsi
rscsid: stdin st_mode 140666
rscsid: peername Operation not permitted

The author of rscsi says, that stdin is a socket (as it should be) but
function getpeername() would fail, thus resulting in failure of rscsi.

I assume, the "gethostname" and "getpeername" problems are related,
that I'm doing something wrong, but what? The opposite direction (XP
to Linux) works fine, I compared the config-files, also googled a lot,
searched this archive, but couldn't find a solution to my problem.

Any help would be greaty appreciated. I did not want to bore you with
long extracts from my config-files, but would of course provide any
eventually missing information.

TIA   Frederick

(PS: I'm not a native English speaker, so please bear with me)

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