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RE: libstdc++

Stuardo Rodriguez <> wrote:
>... I downloaded the pkg for gcc  so i can compile htdig.  when I tryed 
>./configure it starts looking for some files - autoconf, automake, gcc.
>all that was found. but when it reached to look for iostream.h it stoped.
>and gave me an error telling me to download an install libstdc++ ...  is 
>there a pkg that contains those files??  or do i need to download the 
>libstdc++ src and the gcc src so i can install it?
 export CXX="g++ -Wno-deprecated"       (assuming you use bash)
    then rerun configure.

 Problems with "configure" can often be solved by looking at the config.log file.  In this case g++ gives you a pretty strong hint how to fix it.
 Note that this is not really a cygwin problem.  htdig has a broken configure. It will fail on any system with g++ v3. It should not be barfing on compiler warnings, nor should it be reporting a wild guess about libstdc++.
 (By the way, your second post was much better.)

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