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Re: cygwin License related Query....

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 05:52:14PM +0530, partha dhar wrote:
>I'm Partha, managing the project that Sajad is involved in. Let me try
>to give you a clear picture of what we are doing. We have an application
>which we were planning to bundle along with cygwin and distribute to the
>client. We however do not modify any of the cygwin files or DLLs. Please
>let me know if we need to purchase any license for the same or this can
>be done at free of cost.

If you want to distribute the Cygwin DLL "free of cost", you need to
comply with the GPL.  If you do not want to comply with the GPL, then
you need to pursue other arrangements with Red Hat.

>P.S: We do use third party software with BSD license( PostgreSQL ) which
>are compiled under cygwin environment. Please note that our application
>does not use cygwin environment or the utilities. But the application
>uses the PostgreSQL database which is compiled and executed under cygwin
>environment. Hence our application, cygwin and PostgreSQL need to be
>bundled together.

If you are distributing cygwin1.dll and any of the executables that are
directly associated with it (mount.exe, umount.exe, cygcheck.exe, ps.exe,
kill.exe, cygpath.exe) then you must adhere to the GPL.  That means that
you have to make sources available to your customers.

The fact that you haven't modified the code is irrelevant.  The GPL is
about making sure that people who have the binary versions of software
also have access to the source code.  We provide both the source code
and the binaries to you.  You need to pass that along to your customers,
*unless* you pursue other arrangements with Red Hat.

Btw, I was trying to move this discussion off of the public list because
it probably isn't of much interest to people there.  I've followed your
example and cc'ed the list this time but I really don't think we need to
have this discussion in public.

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>From: Christopher Faylor [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 3:26 AM
>To: Sajad Bashir Qadri
>Cc:; partha dhar; Dakshinamoorthy Venkataraman
>Subject: Re: cygwin License related Query....
>On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 03:41:00PM +0530, Sajad Bashir Qadri wrote:
>>We have a software that runs on Windows platform .The software is a
>>commercial one.  And at its backend we want to use PostgreSQL.  Since
>>the application will be running on windows platform we need to bundle
>>cygwin with it , to use postgreSQL.  The software will not be running
>>on cygwin shell and will not even use any of the standard cygwin tools
>>like - gcc, gas,ld.
>If you are going to be providing the cygwin DLL or any of its utilities,
>you either need to release the sources for the DLL or you need to
>purchase a buyout license.
>>    Do we need a commercial cygwin license or 'proprietary-use license'
>>for such a use of cygwin? If yes pls send me the terms for this
>>    I will be very thankful to u,if u can reply this soon.

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