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Re: Gcc 3.2 -mno-cygwin

Since I was one of the responders to your original inquiry, I 
take exception to the charaterization you give below of the 
responses you received.  I quite clearly stated that I could 
reproduce your issue on 1 machine (but not others) despite the 
fact I had the "gcc-mingw" package installed there.  Since this didn't
make much sense to me, I reran setup and reinstalled the "gcc-mingw"
package.  This fixed the problem for me.  As I recall, I recommended
that you reinstall the "gcc-mingw" if you did indeed have it 
installed but were experiencing this problem.  If that's assessing
blame (i.e. who's "fault" it is that you're having this problem) in
your eyes, I'll offer you an apology if that helps you put this 
issue behind you.  

However, for anyone else reading this thread now or in the future, 
I think it's important to clearly state that problems of this type
are installation specific and can be remedied by following the advice
to install/reinstall the "gcc-mingw" package.  Certainly though if you
see this issue and can provide any specific details that would help 
the rest of us understand how it arose, we'd be glad to hear about it.
Currently, the "gcc-mingw" is a dependency of the "gcc" package so it
will be installed by default with gcc in a normal install unless the 
user has requested otherwise.


Original Message:
From: Jim
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 07:58:03 -0800
Subject: Re: Gcc 3.2 -mno-cygwin

> I think you misunderstand. "It adds the "-mno-cygwin" functionality to the
> standard gcc package."
Oh certainly I understood since 2 days ago I started a thread that such
functionality was broken, and everyone said 'well certainly it's something
you have misconfigured' when it wasn't my fault at all.

> is just the description of what the gcc-mingw package does. Its what it's
> always done. Its not a new feature, or am i missing something ?

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