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Telnetd hangs for a while before giving login prompt


	Finally found what the problem is. Let me not get into technical details of
this. But inetd runs as SYSTEM and home directory of SYSTEM will be set to
"/". Edit passwd file and change the home directory of SYSTEM to something
(e.g, /tmp). Restart the inetd. Now telnetd should work fine. :-)



	I have installed cygwin 1.3.16 on my win2k workstation. I have installed
inetd as a service and am running it as localsystem. I have created
passwd/group files for local users only, not domain users. rlogin is working
without any problem. But if I try to telnet my machine, it hangs for about 3
minutes or so before giving me the login prompt. This happens only if I have
logged into the domain. Even if i remove the network cable from my machine,
Prompt will appear quickly. There is no problem with reverse dns lookup --
nslookup works fine both for forward and reverse lookups. Any clue what
might be wrong? or is it a bug in telnetd?

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