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Re: LFTP: cygwin and setupterm

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 02:12:54AM -0300, Fr?d?ric L. W. Meunier wrote:
>On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, wrote:
>> The setupterm() function lives in the ncurses package
>> (/usr/include/ncurses/term.h). The problem happens in the if pre-processor
>> clause on line 26 of I got around that by changing the order
>> and switching an if to an elif statement like this:
>> #if defined(__CYGWIN__)
>> # include <ncurses/term.h>
>> # include <curses.h>
>> #elif defined(HAVE_CURSES_H)
>> # include <curses.h>
>> # if defined(HAVE_TERM_H)
>> #  include <term.h>
>> # endif
>> #elif defined(HAVE_NCURSES_CURSES_H)
>> #include <ncurses/curses.h>
>> # if defined(HAVE_NCURSES_TERM_H)
>> #  include <ncurses/term.h>
>> # endif
>> #endif
>> May not have been the right thing to do but got past that
>> problem. Now I got a `undefined reference to `_WinMain@16''
>> error, probably because I dont have libsup++ installed
>> though.
>I don't have libsupc++. I'm using the latest gcc2.
>I think the right fix was to make the /usr/include/term.h
>symlink, which for some reason:
>1- Isn't in ncurses 5.2-8
>2- Is removed when you uninstall libtermcap

Why is there a separate Cygwin definition there at at all?  It seems
like everything should be handled by HAVE_NCURSES_CURSES_H and
HAVE_NCURSES_TERM_H.  Either that or the #if for the HAVE_NCURSES_TERM_H
should be moved outside of the if for HAVE_NCURSES_CURSES_H.

Btw, I just checked and uninstalling the termcap package (assuming
this is what you mean) does not install /usr/include/term.h.  That's
not a file which is included in the termcap distribution.


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