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Re: [ANN] Re:

Luc Hermitte <> writes:

> Hello Matt,
> * On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 09:38:02AM -0700, Matt Armstrong
> * <> wrote:
>> Luc, you might consider adding an option to unset the PWD environment
>> variable (or convert it to a Windows path).
> That's done. I haven't done any test with perforce, so, let me know.
> The two new options are:
>     --cyg-PWD-clear   : to unset PWD 
>     --cyg-PWD-convert : to convert PWD to its DOS (short) form.
> I was considering to handle other environment variables, but I
> didn't see any good candidate -- ie. environment variables specific
> to bash or cygwin that win32 native applications may also use.


Today I discovered the NT port of emacs uses "SHELL" if set, so it
ends up getting its shell set to /usr/bin/zsh.  Emacs looks for
c:\usr\bin\zsh.exe, but it is really c:\cygwin\usr\bin\zsh.exe.

The solution was to clear the SHELL env var, since I didn't want emacs
using my cygwin shell.

HOME is also probably a good idea to convert into DOS form.

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