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Re: Problems downloading and installing the basic package

On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, Dmitry Epstein wrote:

> [CDROM installation part snipped]
> >This is discouraged, although im not quite sure why, but it can be a
> >pain if you need to un-install.  About the cygdrive prefix this is just
> >default and you can change where and how you access your windows drives
> >by using the `mount' command.  For example typeing this at the bash
> >shell you can mount your C: drive as /sys:
> >
> >   $ mkdir /sys
> >   $ mount -s C:\\ /sys
> OK, suppose I installed Cygwin in D:\cygwin.  Can I somehow make D:\ the
> root directory?

The "root directory" is usually the one you installed Cygwin into.  You
could probably play games with mounts, making D:\ your /, and mounting
D:\cygwin\{bin|lib|usr|etc|something else I may have forgotten} under
/{bin|lib|usr|etc|et al}, but it might not be worth the trouble, and if
you keep any perl scripts in those directories, you'd still not see the
correct paths in ActivePerl.

> >Not quite sure what the problem you've got with ActivePerl so you'll
> >need to give the people on the list an insight.
> The problem is this: suppose I have a Perl script in a directory somewhere,
> and that directory is in my search path.  If I just type the name of the
> script, the shell will find it, read the shebang line, and try to pass the
> script to Perl.  When it does that it gives Perl the full path to the file,
> which in Cygwin parlance starts with /cygdrive/...  Active Perl, being a
> Windows application, doesn't understand that and says that it can't open
> the file.  I have asked about this before, but no one could suggest
> anything other than installing Cygwin in the root directory of a drive.

Why not use Cygwin perl?  Cygwin comes with a perfectly nice perl 5.8,
which works at least as well as ActiveState's perl.  You could even
associate Cygwin's perl with .pl files in Explorer, to completely replace

> Thanks,
> Dmitry

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