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ntsec Question

I have a user who wants to be able to use ssh without inputted a password. I have installed and got this running successfully. However, now there is a problem with security as anybody who logs into his laptop/desktop would be able to login to numerous UNIX servers without inputting a password. I have started to look at ntsec and have configured this to a semi-working state. My question to you is when they login to cygwin I want to be able to get them to input their NT username and password to allow them in. Looking at the shortcut it runs D:\Cygwin\cygwin.bat and lets them straight into the users home directory. When running login it's asks for a username and then lets them in straight away.

i.e. login: elandrew
You are successfully logged in to this server !!!

elandrew@IM LOAN PC01 ~

My /etc/passwd is as follows

elandrew@IM LOAN PC01 ~
$ cat /etc/passwd
Administrator::500:513:U-IM LOAN PC01\Administrator,S-1-5-21-1472800135-602877700-1070557309-500:/home/Administrator:/bin/bash
elandrew::48906:10513:Andrews Elaine,U-NMP\elandrew,S-1-5-21-2120241691-1808037704-1542789818-38906:/home/elandrew:/bin/bash

elandrew@IM LOAN PC01 ~

2 questions

1. How can I force a password when running the login script.
2. How can I always force a username and password when logging into the cygwin window.

I hope these questions are not too obvious - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Elaine Andrews

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