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Re: Gcc 3.2 -mno-cygwin

Redirecting this, too.

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 03:18:00PM -0800, Paul G. wrote:
>Well, if your Win32 system doesn't support links (NT4 shortcuts), this
>isn't really surprising.

Did you actually read this email or were you just scanning for keywords
like the word "link"?

>NT4 has a shortcut/link capabilities that Me/Win9x do not.  The same
>capability is built-in to Win2k and WinXP (ie.  Pro -- can't speak for
>Home version -- indications, however, are that XP Home also does not
>support the shortcut/link capabilities that XP Pro does).

For the record: 1) Cygwin handles symlinks just fine and 2) this has
nothing to do with symlinks.

>It sounds like you have come up with a work around, but it is not
>recommended to hack cygwin like that as it tends to make it unreliable.

He didn't actually have a workaround.  It wasn't working.

>Solution?  Upgrade OS or download and install Msys (Cygwin-like,
>actually a fork of Cygwin, which does not depend on the cygwin .dll).
>Caveat, Mingw does not support a great deal of posix, niether does

Suggesting that someone run something else to solve a cygwin
installation problem is not appropriate.  Since you clearly don't
understand how cygwin's gcc works, please don't offer advice on solving
problems.  You're just going to end up confusing people.

It seems like neither you or Jim is approaching this from the direction
of "It seems to be working for other people.  I wonder what could be
wrong with this installation".  Instead, Jim is ripping his installation
apart under the assumption that everything is broken and (apparently)
he's the first person to notice it and you're misreading his email and
suggesting that he run something else without clearly understanding what
the problem could be.

I'll say it again:  Install the gcc-mingw package.  It's really simple.
It's so simple that it is the default for gcc installation.

Anyway, if this discussion really needs to be continued.  It should be
continued in the cygwin mailing list.


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