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Re: Problems downloading and installing the basic package

At 11:17 AM 12/15/02 +0000, you wrote:
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 21:09:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Elfyn McBratney <>
Subject: Re: Problems downloading and installing the basic package
Message-Id: <>


When you download the packages, put them on a cd, do you get problems
with the directories created by setup? This has caused problems for me
and others,
Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, I did get problems when copying on CD-ROM, because the software couldn't handle the long directory name. The name was truncated on the CD-ROM. What I did was I copied the entire tree onto my HD at home, then renamed the install directory back to what it was supposed to be (found the name in the log file). After that the install *seemed* to go fine.

FYI there's a thread either early this month or late last
month that goes into this a bit more called "How to make setup.exe
download everything".
Thanks, I'll look for it. But I am aware that the basic package that Setup is supposed to install by default is far from everything, nor do I need everything. Basically I just use the shell and common Unix commands.

Further on the installer's options they consist of:

  Install from Internet
  Download from Internet
  Install from Local Directory

You would use the latter option when you run setup on your machine and
the first when you download from work.
Right, that's what I did. But then there are further options for individual packages, which I don't really understand.

Lastly you said you installed in the root of a windows drive.
No, I have two logical drives: one for Windows and one for everything else (including non-system applications). That's where I wanted to install Cygwin, and in fact that's where I did install it before, with an earlier version of Cygwin installer. But now when I try to install to D:\ the installer crashes (access violation).

This is
discouraged, although im not quite sure why, but it can be a pain if you
need to un-install. About the cygdrive prefix this is just default and
you can change where and how you access your windows drives by using
the `mount' command. For example typeing this at the bash shell you can
mount your C: drive as /sys:

  $ mkdir /sys
  $ mount -s C:\\ /sys
OK, suppose I installed Cygwin in D:\cygwin. Can I somehow make D:\ the root directory?

Not quite sure what the problem you've got with ActivePerl so you'll
need to give the people on the list an insight.
The problem is this: suppose I have a Perl script in a directory somewhere, and that directory is in my search path. If I just type the name of the script, the shell will find it, read the shebang line, and try to pass the script to Perl. When it does that it gives Perl the full path to the file, which in Cygwin parlance starts with /cygdrive/... Active Perl, being a Windows application, doesn't understand that and says that it can't open the file. I have asked about this before, but no one could suggest anything other than installing Cygwin in the root directory of a drive.


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