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RE: can't manage to use "windows" command-line (C development)

> >I explain : I want to launch "Pilot Install" from with a text
> >file (full path included) for parameter. I tried to launch it
> using a cygwin
> >shell, does not work... (argument is not understood by the
> program). From a
> >DOS Box (with properly arranged paths of course) : same thing ...
> >But when I enter the same command-line, as in the DOS Box, in the
> >Start/Execute Panel in the start menu : It works!!!
> >
> >So my question is : is it possible in a C program under cygwin
> (I use gcc),
> >to launch such command lines? (like the "system()" instruction, but for
> >windows).
> Yes, it's possible.  Try running "net use", for example.  Most Windows
> command-line tools work fine from a cygwin shell.
> You're not providing enough details to debug the problem, unfortunately.

Hello, you were right, I didn't give enough details (it was 3:00 am for me
Anyway I resolved my problem :
I wanted to launch something like "C:\Program
Files\Pilot_Install_4.0\Pinstall.exe C:\WINNT\Temp\temp_0123456.txt".
So I tried to translate the path of the exe in cygwin paths, or the path of
the argument, or both, but nothing seemed to work. Finally I understood!!!
The program needs a DOS path, even if it is launched through cygwin. And ,
Here is the tricky thing, the argument is parsed by cygwin, so :
"/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Pilot_Install_4.0
c:\WINNT\Temp\temp_0123456.txt" does not work
But "/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Pilot_Install_4.0
c:\\WINNT\\Temp\\temp_0123456.txt" WORKS!!
The "\\" are interpreted by Cygwin as "\" and are needed for Cygwin to pass
an "understandable" path to windows.

And trickier, I use several strings in my program to build this command
line, and so, there is a second interpretation of the string. So the string
I must use to build this command line is :

Anyway thanks for help.

Nicolas DUTEIL

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