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Re: can't manage to use "windows" command-line (C development)

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 03:24:29AM +0100, Atreides wrote:
>While trying to do some C programs under cygwin, in order to launch usual
>Win32 programs, I faced problem to launch them with arguments :
>I explain : I want to launch "Pilot Install" from with a text
>file (full path included) for parameter. I tried to launch it using a cygwin
>shell, does not work... (argument is not understood by the program). From a
>DOS Box (with properly arranged paths of course) : same thing ...
>But when I enter the same command-line, as in the DOS Box, in the
>Start/Execute Panel in the start menu : It works!!!
>So my question is : is it possible in a C program under cygwin (I use gcc),
>to launch such command lines? (like the "system()" instruction, but for

Yes, it's possible.  Try running "net use", for example.  Most Windows
command-line tools work fine from a cygwin shell.

You're not providing enough details to debug the problem, unfortunately.

You have to think about this from the point of view of someone who has
no idea what "Pilot Install" is, what its command line parameters are,
or what you could conceivably be typing on the command line that would
be causing a problem.  It could be as simple as your not properly quoting
command line arguments which use '\' characters.  There's no way to tell,
however, because you aren't providing details.

See for more details on how to provide details.


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