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Re: More pipe (and other) improvements in snapshot

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 09:53:45PM +0100, thomas wrote:
>I've piped several GB for testing purposes (with cat | dd), and input
>and output are always the same, so I've yet to encounter that *possible*
>data loss.
>And nice'd up pipes finally behave like they are supposed to: they are a
>bit faster than their not nice'd up brothers, and not terribly slower
>like in 1.3.17 :)

It's interesting that for pipes to act "as they are supposed to" cygwin
now has to create up to three additional handles to try to mimic the way
UNIX does it.  And, IMO, linux does it right.

>Anyway, with the first snapshot cdrdao completely locks up my XP.

Um, if your XP was completely locked up then there is something wrong with
your XP.

>I had no time to run some debugging on it, neither have i tried the new
>snapshot yet.  It is probably fixed there already.  I'll try tomorrow
>and report back.

There is no reason to assume that there is anything int the snapshot
that would fix this behavior since, AFAIK, it wasn't reported, and
the basic principle remains unchanged, regardless.


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