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Re: Slowness on app startup after recent update (and yes I read the FAQ) - Solution - kind of


Why ask why? It can all be traced back to the primordial singularity, of course.

Is your HOME set in the Windows environment? If it is, the value inherited from the environment upon shell startup will override the value that would otherwise have been taken from your entry in /etc/passwd.

Why does upgrading software make things change? Because the newer software is different. Sometimes those changes render old scripts and code non-functional.

Blind upgrading is not really advisable. Read the release notes and know what to expect and whether any special procedures are required. (Take it from someone who's been bitten by upgrading without reading the release announcements.)

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 15:14 2002-12-13, Ron Wood wrote:
That is it. My $HOME is set to '/'. If I change it to
something else things work as expected.

This opens up two questions,

1. Why is $HOME set to '/'? According to /etc/profile
it should be set to /home/RDW. id -un returns RDW. Not
sure why this is not setup correctly.

2. This was working fine before updating my cygwin
setup. My $HOME was set to '/' before and everything
was fine.

I've hardcoded some things to get around this problem.
Not sure why this happened. I havn't changed anything
or have an unusual setup.

Thanks for all your help,


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