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Re: Slowness on app startup after recent update (and yes I read the FAQ)


That's your problem.

Somehow (most likely based on an environment variable that's set but empty or perhaps set to "/"), Vim is constructing a path name that begins with "//". That's the syntactic signal for to look for a network share. In your case, the shared named ".terminfo" is looked for. Since this is a network discovery process, a request must be sent out and a reply awaited. A timeout (and, I assume, one or more retries) is involved, and that's the root of your startup delay.

I can replicate the delay in starting Vim like this:


I didn't strace it, but I like my hunch...

This variation:


does not produce a delay. And, naturally, I don't ordinarily see a pause when starting Vim.

Perhaps that'll help.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 13:18 2002-12-13, Ron Wood wrote:
Thanks. It works with,

$ strace c:/cygwin/bin/vim.exe

A part of the output is below. Seems to be get held up
on //.terminfo. Why is it going to //.terminfo/x/term?
And why is it


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