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Re: [SCRIPT] Windows system dll function addresses


You forgot to put some indication of your authorship into the header comments. I added a simple "Author: Joe Buehler" line when I copied the code to a file.

I also wanted to add a URL referencing the message on the Cygwin mailing list archive, so I went to the archives, found the message and added this URL, <> to the header comments.

But this made me wonder if there was a mechanism akin to SCCS / RCS / CVS keywords that would allow one to put some sort of signal string into an email message and have it be replaced by the list server with the URL of the archive page for that message? Or perhaps the list server could add to each message a header with that URL?

I know nothing of the list server and archive building software used, so perhaps neither of these things are feasible, but it might be nice idea, if it were easily enough done.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 06:16 2002-12-13, Joe Buehler wrote:
Sometimes it is useful to be able to tell what Windows
DLL functions are at the top of a stack trace in gdb
(not everyone can remember functions by address instead
of name).

Here is a perl script to dump a sorted list of symbol
addresses from the dlls on a Windows system.  You need
dumpbin to run this.  Only tested on Windows NT --
dumpbin may have different output on other versions, in
which case this may break.

Oh, one thing -- I have a mount point named "/sys" that is the
directory where the dlls reside.  I think I made that myself.
You will have to substitute whatever the appropriate path is
on your machine.

Joe Buehler

# dump symbols and absolute address from Windows system dlls
# ...

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