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Re: Individual vs. list-only replies (Was Re: Force bash to startas administrator)

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 13:50, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> But the issue is not only are people who reply busy but so are the 
> readers. With your software's defaults I get a message in my email AND 
> see it and have to skip it later when I read the list. Thus it is more 
> work for me, hence the request not to do this.

Heh, fix your mail reader. Seriously. It's neither the posters, nor the
list serve's responsibility to reduce duplicates. And given that there
are valid reasons for duplicates (say an issue that affects both
kde-cygwin and general-cygwin discussions), it's up to you to solve the
problem at your end.
> As for the path of least inconvenience, if your method was the most 
> popular then I would be receiving email whenever somebody response to 
> one of my posts but I don't. Therefore it sounds to me like this is a 
> pine'ism.

Heh. I use Reply-All. You'll probably see two responses, unless you fix
your mail reader first :}.
> Apparently people who use pine and perhaps some 
> other mailers.

I use evolution, and occasionally MS Outlook / MS Outlook Express.
You'll get the same behaviour from me every time.

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