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RE: GCC Include Paths


I guess I was misled by this:

/usr/include/limits.h:#define _POSIX_ARG_MAX 4096
/usr/include/sys/syslimits.h:#define ARG_MAX 65536 /* max bytes for an exec function */

Furthermore, "/usr/include/limits.h" bears a Red Hat copyright and is specifically marked as a "part of Cygwin," while "/usr/include/sys/syslimits.h" bears a "Regents of the University of California" copyright. Thus I assumed the former was more authoritative.

Sorry (again) for the misinformation.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 10:53 2002-12-12, Vijay Sampath wrote:

I just tried out a line with 20000 characters and it works fine on bash
as an input to GCC. At this point I gave up trying to increase the
length to find out the limit. Whatever the bash limit is, it is
definitely greater than a windows shell. Of course, if you are invoking
a bat file or some such thing from a cygwin shell then you will be
bounded by the windows limit. Therefore Allan, I suggest trying to move
to a "pure" cygwin enviroment, if there is such a thing.



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