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"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022)" -- cause and cure

I think this is unrelated to previous messages on this list with a
similar subject.  Instead, it pertains to a problem that I encountered
and solved myself; I thought it might benefit others to hear about it,
so here it is.

The symptom is that I was trying to start a non-Cygwin program that
I'd just built, and saw the above-mentioned popup.  It didn't occur to
me for a long time that the problem had anything to do with Cygwin,
since neither the program -- nor the DLLs on which it depended -- used
Cygwin.  However, I *had* installed those DLLs by using Cygwin's
"unzip" to unpack a ZIP file.  I then noticed that if I simply did
"chmod +x *.dll" on those DLLs, the problem went away.

I figure "unzip" set the permissions on those DLLs to 0640, which
seems reasonable from Cygwin's point of view ... unfortunately,
though, NT requires those DLLs to be executable; hence the
infuriatingly obtuse error popup.

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