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Re: Force bash to start as administrator

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Please don't email me directly - keep it on the list!

My mailer (pine) replies to the sender and Cc's to the list unless there's a Reply-To. Many people aren't subscribed to the list, and thus would prefer the mail sent directly to them. It is nigh impossible to keep track of individual preferences, so it helps to provide a Reply-To header if you want the response to go to the list. I'm modifying this particular message to go to the list only, but in the future, as a courtesy to people replying to your messages, please set a Reply-To header to indicate your preference.
Ah and there's the rub. I had previously set Reply-To but I use the gname gateway to news. And when I set Reply-To this breaks the gname gateway and I cannot post though it.

IMHO, mail lists are mail lists and if you wish to follow the action then you participate. You state that many people aren't subscribed to the list. As you (and I) do not know how many people are not subscribed vs. how many people are subscribed it's fair to say that many people are subscribed to the list to and do not need additional email. So one could go either way - either always mail back to the list and cc the poster or always mail back to the list and not cc the poster. Who's to say who is more correct? I think, givein that mail lists are supposed to be participtory in nature things should be kept on the list and if people are interested then they will come to the list for answers and subscribe.

Otherwise I will simply set up a filter to ignore all email from you :-) !

Again, I don't appreciate getting email that's a copy of what I'll be reading on the list shortly anyway.

Oh, and the previous message was Cc'd to the list.
Yes I noticed. I was talking about the CC'ing to me part.

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