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Re: Force bash to start as administrator wrote:

Type this in a bash window:
cygrunsrv -I LoginShell -d "Login shell" -p /usr/bin/cygstart -a
/usr/bin/login -e "CYGWIN=tty binmode ntsec"

Go to the Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services
Right click on "LoginShell" and go to properties.
Go to the "Log On" tab and check the "Allow service to interact with
Hmmm... In my Windows XP I don't see an "Allow service to interact with desktop" selection on the "Log On" tab.

Follow this with this in a bash window: cygrunsrv -S LoginShell
Why not simply select start in the services applet instead of having to start a shell and type a command? If net start LoginShell is a shorter command!

This will give you a new console window with the login prompt. From here,
you can log in as anybody, assuming you know the proper passwords. ;-)

You should be able to use ssh to do this as well, which should be easier
than going through the above gyrations.
Or telnet or rlogin if one sets up inetd...

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