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pipe improvements in snapshot

In the most recent cygwin snapshot (uploading now) I've attempted to
work around the 10ms delay in pipe reads.  I've managed this by
resurrecting an idea I had back in 1998, updated for the new millenium.
My idea was shot down by other (then) Cygnus employees but since they
are now gone and I'm in charge of the project it seems like a good idea
to dust it off and try again.

In a nutshell, what cygwin now does is start pipe reads in another
thread.  If a signal arrives, the thread (and the read) is terminated.
Depending on how Windows is implemented, it's *possible* that there will
be data loss in this scenario.  It would be very very hard to to prove
that is the case, however.

Please check out the latest snapshot and report here if there are
problems.  I haven't yet tried this on Windows 9x class systems so it's
entirely possible that there is a problem there.

If this looks good, I will probably release a cygwin 1.3.18 fairly soon.


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