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Re: Cygwin Reinstall Failiure


I haven't noticed any problems apart from a small glitch when I installed
the latest OpenSSL dist., which just needed a reboot to get ssh working.

It's weird that something has deleted your id binary. Do you have the other
sh-utils binaries? eg. pwd,sleep,stty,tee,uname,uptime?

If you re-install your sh-utils package via the installer
( your problem shoud be fixed.


Original Message:
From: Arthur I Schwarz
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 17:00:48 -0800
Subject: Re: Cygwin Reinstall Failiure

Apparently the latest code has some problems. I just did a 'passwd' and got

   'passwd: unrecoverable error 1722'

As reported, 'more' failed. I reinstalled a version of 'more' titled:
   more --version => 'less 374'

from the March, 2002 release, and it worked.

Previously at shell start, I was reported as 'Administrator'. I am now
reported as 'unknown'.

My /etc/profile script has:
  USER="`id -un`"

The script is unchanged (by me). 'id' can not be found. Since I haven't
ever changed this script then either profile was changed as part of the
initial distribution or 'id' was removed? Any idea what happened? ('id' is
described in 'Linux in a Nutshell', pub. O'Reilly.)

Hard-coded: USER="<my name>"           removes the 'id' error
Hard-coded: HOME="<my home directory>" executes my ./bashrc (I am me)

So the removal of 'id' seems to be my problem.

Before I back up to the previous version, has anyone experienced problems
with the current software (circa cygwin 1.3.17-1)?


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