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g77: installation problem, cannot exec f771: No such file or directory


I can't manage to install Cygwin with the gcc package correctly: I installed the latest Cygwin version (1.3.17-1) under Windows NT4.0, including the "gcc" package, and the whole installation seemed to work, but when I try to use the g77 compiler, I get that error message:
g77: installation problem, cannot exec f771: No such file or directory

(whereas I checked f771.exe was actually present, namely, in the /lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/3.2/ directory)

As a matter of fact, I am a pure newbie, and I try to fix it by myself : I was quite confident since I installed Cygwin, gcc included, in January ; but yesterday I tried to install the latest Cygwin release, and since that time, I can't compile my fortran programs any more ...

I tried to re-install Cygwin a dozen times, with little changes (selecting or not the gcc and gcc-mingw packages, with or without the Src, ...), and I never had more success ...

I guess my point is really trivial, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the answer is obvious (I tried to find it in the FAQ, but all the messages I could read about gcc installation were much more complicated than what seems to happen to me). Last thing : I did a Google search with the error message I get ("g77: installation problem, cannot ..."), and the only page found was written in Chinese ( ; and as I'm still better in installing gcc packages than in understanding Chinese ...

Might anybody help me ? Thank you very much in advance !

(you will find the cygcheck output attached)


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