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Re: 1.3.17(0.67/3/2): Bug With /proc/registry & / Interpretation...

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Ken Robson wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I have been using cygwin for some time and have recently being playing with
> the /proc/registry facility.  I have discovered that when I do finds in this
> namespace that if any key names have a "/" in then it is not quoted.  So for
> example:
> [snip example and registry data]
> I apologise that I do not have sufficient knowledge of cygwin to fix this
> myself.
> Thanks for your time and help.
> Kind regards,
> Ken.


The fact that "/" is a valid character in key/value names in the registry,
but is not a valid character in filenames (in either Windows or Unix)
makes this more of a design issue.  No amount of quoting will let you
create a file with a '/' in its name.

In the meantime, check out /bin/regtool which allows arbitrary characters
in both key and value names (and a -K switch to set a custom separator).
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