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Cygwin Reinstall Failure

Help, help, help, I'm in deep hurt
Nothing I try at all seems to work.
I don't know the matter
And I am beginning to totter
About why it is that I can't be curt.

More to the point, last week several things were done:
[1] I downloaded the latest Cygwin release (cygwin 1.3.17-1 et al)
[2] On Friday, my machine name was changed (wasn't here to 'help').
[3] I did not reboot my computer until today.

This Monday my system doesn't work.
[1] More never returns (more <filename> must be ctl-C'd)
[2] My login scripts never execute (/home/Administrator/.bashrc
    which redirects to /home/schwarza/.bashrc).
[3] And I am unknown (unknown@SWAA748264C).
[3] I have downloaded and installed the new software. Same results.
[4] I have reinstalled the base files (and now get)
    'bash: id: command not found'.

Anything that I can do to help myself would be appreciated. Has anything
changed with this new release? Do I (now) need to put an entry into the
passwd file for me? Do I need to alter the 'cygwin.bat' file?

Any help would be appreciated.


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