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problems with CygwinPromptHere


I noticed a strange shell behaviour using the "CygwinPromptHere feature" by
Glen Coakley. Within a console opened with CygwinPromptHere no alias'es I
defined in /etc/profile are read out. However, if I run rxvt the usual way (via
the default shortcut), my alias'es work just fine.
My /etc/profile looks like this (alias definitions in /etc/alias):

test -e /etc/alias && . /etc/alias
cd $HOME

It doesn't matter whether the alias definitions are included in /etc/profile
or not. I also tried using ~/.profile, same problem.
Strangely enough, any other lines in /etc/profile seem to execute correctly.

I'm using the latest Cygwin release 1.3.17-1 and the responsible registry
value looks like:

c:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe [...] -tn cygwin -e /bin/bash.exe --login -c "cd
'%1'; exec bash"

Maybe a switch for /bin/bash.exe is missing - which one? -i?
Any ideas?

- [mn]

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