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Re: Latest setup.exe

I got around the problem by removing the
old C:\cygwin (actually by renaming it
to cygwin.old) and restarting the setup.exe.

So it appears current setup.exe will cause this
problem on Win2K if it installs on top of an 
exsisting installation.


Joseph Davida wrote:
>I tried the beta version Max suggested and it also
>exhibits the same behaviour on my win2k laptop;
>i.e. sucks up huge mem (depletes VM), and yet after
>more than 1 hour of running, it still says 1% of
>base-files 1.1-1 is installed. The "total" progress
>meter shows only about a sliver of "progress" :)
>Am running win2K with latest updates (service pack
>Also, I have been updating my cygwin installation for
>over a year now, and this is the first time I have
>encountered this problem.
>Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Please keep replies on list!
>> Joseph I. Davida <> wrote:
>> > It appears that this setup.exe is depleting the
VM pool.
>> > There is either a bad memory leak problem, or
>> > is a boundless recursion in the calls. I suspect
>> > it is a memory leak problem.
>> > The machine has 512M sdram and a 40 gig HD, of
>> > a max of 2048M is used for paging. Yet the
>> > alone eats up all the VM pool!.
>> >
>> > Is there an older version of it that I can try?
>> Try the latest beta at
>> Max.

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