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Re: ssh-host-config suggestion

* Wed 2002-11-06 Corinna Vinschen <> list.cygwin
* Message-Id: <>
> On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 05:49:57PM +0100, Ralf Fassel wrote:
>> - the ssh-host-config script should make sure that CYGWIN contains
>>   `ntsec' when trying the chmod/chown steps
> That shouldn't be necessary anymore since 1.3.14 sets ntsec by default
> on NT systems.
>> - could `chown' be modified to complain if it fails to do the work it
>>   was supposed to do?  It seems that the exit status is 0, and besides
>>   that the script simply does not care about the exit status of chown.
> Tricky.  The problem (and the reason the script doesn't test the return
> code) is, there are several conditions for having a working chown.  It
> must be NT/2K/XP, ntsec must be on, FS must be NTFS.  The chown(2) syscall
> returns intentionally always 0 if any of these conditions isn't met.
> There could be an additional test in the script after calling chown,
> though...

Why not simply do a "grep" check for permissions found from ls -l 
listing of the /var/empty director?


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