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RE: UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory [and side comment on lists]

I think you made several "overstatements" in your observations below.  
If you recheck the email archives or even the Cygwin web site, I think 
you'll find clear explanations of the expectations for list inquiries.  
Simply put, if any poster cannot make a minimal effort to ensure that the 
issue in question has not already been addressed in the documentation, 
email archives, or FAQ, it's often hard for those who read the list 
regularly to feel sympathy for the poster's plight and take the time to 
respond (though sometimes a response comes anyway. ;-) )  But, if you do 
find someplace where the statement is made that posters are expected "to do 
*everything* yourself", let us know.  That would be an overstatement on our 
part that should be corrected.


Original Message:
From: linda w \(cyg\)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 11:02:16 -0800
Subject: RE: UNC paths are not supported.  Defaulting to Windows directory 
[and side comment on lists]

Hi, pretty new to the list though have been using cygwin for several months
now, first under win98, and now under XP.

        This may have been covered elsewhere -- sorry, but I
        doubt I will have enough time to read all the archives of
        all the lists despite what the warnings say about 'do your
        research for a day or two, first, then if you can't find the
        answer post it, and very often have your answer in 5
        minutes'.  I thought the power of networking was that you
        didn't have to do *everything* yourself, but you used a
        network of collective knowledge to do more in less time...if
        each of us had to write the cygwin toolset
        ourselves...sheesh!  But I know the 'sentiment' of having to
        rehash the same basic questions again and again -- different
        people have different levels of patience and tolerance for
        such.  Perhaps a 'newusers' list might allow for the
        repetitious beginner type questions with those with more
        patience staying on that list to answer possibly repetitive
        questions.  We don't have an "MVP" bonus-pat-on-the-head
        program like in the MS-newsgroups.  Sorta a smart idea of
        MS's -- reward users with 'recognition' as MVP's for helping
        newbies that might otherwise be asking those questions of MS
        support people.  A surreptitious way to recruit free
        helpdesk volunteers! :-)

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