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pine can't find .pinerc

I've recently started having trouble with pine.  I don't use it that
and only noticed the problem when I recently started it up and it asked
I wanted to move the old sent mail to a backup directory.  Regardless of
whether I say yes or no I get the following error message:

Error saving configuration in "/home/ar63/.pinerc": No such file or

This has worked fine in previous months. The file is there.  It is
read when pine is started (the configuration values are all set).  The
message appears to occur when pine tries to write the file back.  The
.pinerc_debug file that is generated seems to verify this.  It contains:

 reading_pinerc "/home/ar63/.pinerc"
 Read 14749 characters:

but later on

 ---- write_pinerc(Main) ----
 Error writing /home/ar63/.pinerc : No such file or directory

I thought it might be a permission problem, but I can write to the file
from the
console and from a Windows app.

Any ideas?

Tony Richardson

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