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RE: GCC compiler cannot create executables.

Hi Tim.

> Your config.log appears to say that the test gcc command wants to link

> gainst libuser32, and it doesn't find that library.  Does gcc -v work
> you from the command line?  Do you have such a library?
> -- 
> Tim Prince

gcc -v does work from the command line.

Ive attached a screen cap of the window.  Sorry... I don't have script
like I do in BSD to give the output in text.  Or am I being silly...

Hi Larry....

>It looks like the Cygwin gcc package and dependencies are installed.  
>My guess you had some other compiler package installed already and/or
>some environment variables for the compiler are set in your environment
>that are getting in the way.  That's just a guess of course, since I 
>don't have the output of cygcheck -s -r -v to verify that.  If that's
>not the problem, you might try reinstalling.  But now I'm just grasping

>at straws for ideas.  You need to check out your
>That's definitely where the problem is.

I have attached the output of cygcheck -s -r -v 

Thanks for reading.


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