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RE: setup troubles: Download incomplete

At 04:57 AM 12/6/2002, Kris Thielemans wrote:
>Thanks Larry,
> >
> > Disk space could still be the problem.  Depends on what you still need to
> > download and how big it is.
> >
> >
>ok. I'll try to clean up more.
>A funny error message though.
>Here's another funny error message:
>After answering the question "Download incomplete: do you want to try
>again?" with no, setup starts to install the packages that it already got. I
>then get the occasional dialog box
>"Can't open (null) for reading: No such file"
>Needless to say, I've never seen that before, so it's probably because a
>file wasn't downloaded correctly because of my lack of disk space. Looks to
>me that a 0 pointer is passed to sprintf though...

Right.  The download incomplete message indicates that not everything you
requested could be downloaded.  Generally, you just want to try again but
if you say you don't, setup just switches to the installation mode to 
install what it did download.

Are you using the current setup.exe from  I thought all the
messages about "Can't open (null) for reading: No such file" were gone now.
Perhaps I'm wrong.

> > >On the disk space front, can anyone tell me why setup stores copies of
> > files
> > >in subdirectories named after the mirror. This means that I end up with
> > >several copies of the same .tar.bz2 files, as I often have to switch
> > mirrors
> > >(they seem to be very busy once in a while).
> >
> >
> > If you're really looking for details, check the email archives on this.
> > The reason for the differing directories, what they contain, and even
> > utilities for "cleaning them up" have been discussed before.  However,
> > you should not be ending up with the exact same files from each mirror,
> > at least if you keep your set of mirrors constant.
>well, I did have multiple copies of the same file. I've been using 3
>mirrors. I don't think I've been doing something special, but who knows (is
>aborting an installation special? It might be). I can't give you any
>details, as this happened over the years, and I never checked before. Also,
>I deleted all of the mirror files except one to save disk space...

Right.  I think Rob got this point across to you.  You need to pick multiple
mirrors at the same time in order for setup to understand that it should
only download a package if it doesn't exist in another mirror's 
directory already.

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