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cyg-wrapper v2.2 has been uploaded on my web site:

cyg-wrapper is a shell script that helps to run, from cygwin,
command-line applications that have been compiled for windows only ; ie:
applications un-aware and independant of the cygwin layer.[1] 

cyg-wrapper converts pathname arguments, passed to win32 programs, from
the written form (unix/dos/windows ; relative or absolute) to the DOS
(short [2] ; and absolute) form that win32 command-line programs

It extends what cygpath do, to every pathname arguments, and resolves
the symbolic links.

A typical way of use is for instance:
  alias gvim=' "C:/Progra~1/Edition/vim/vim61/gvim.exe" 
that defines the alias 'gvim' which:
  - calls the win32 version of Gvim,
  - converts every pathname argument (identified as beeing those that do
    not begin with '+' or '-', and that do not directly follow '-c',
    '--cmd', '-T', ...)
  - forks immediately ; which replaces the disabled '-f' option of the
    win32 version of gvim.

Note: the latest version of cyg-wrapper requires cygUtils and more
precisally realpath. An older but slower version is also available on
my web site.

Feedback appreciated.

[1] BTW, Is there a canonical expression to designate such applications ?
    I tend to use "native win32 applications/programs", but I'm not sure
    it is really correct in English.
[2] This form has been privileged because of the MsWindows 9x series.
Luc Hermitte

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